West Midlands Culture Response Unit

Covid-19 has decimated the cultural sector around the world. We think that the West Midlands should respond to this unprecedented threat in a typically generous, loud and collaborative manner.

The West Midlands Culture Response Unit will develop and deliver an action-orientated, sector led response to the Covid-19 crisis in the short, medium and long term. The purpose is to ensure the visibility, viability and recovery of the Cultural Sector in the West Midlands.

The unit is led by Culture Central, utilising generous support and resource from stakeholders and the sector, and is intended to exist for at least 6 months, during which time we will support the implementation of a continuity and recovery response.

The unit is a partnership response established through discussion with the WMCA, the region’s local authorities and LEPs, regional independents, NPOs from across the region, Arts Council England and further stakeholders and funders.

It is explicitly for everyone within the region’s cultural sector and we want all the sector’s voices to be included in its planning and implementation.

Please register your email address below, to be included in future planning and updates.

We also have a Facebook Group for ongoing communications and discussion around the Culture Response Unit. Facebook users can join here either as an individual or as their organisation's page.

Our sector feedback has provided the following three core strands around which the unit will focus:


  • Research and evidence of impact
  • Lobbying regional and national bodies
  • Co-ordination and support for creative activity
  • Cross-sector planning
  • Funding and investment


  • Co-ordinated in-sector communication flow
  • Central access point for information, support and advice
  • Co-ordinated campaigning for digital programmes
  • Region-wide audience campaigns

Support and Development

  • Central resource space
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Legal & HR support
  • Training, Mentoring & Leadership
  • Co-ordinated recovery planning

We will position inclusivity, transparency and accessibility at the heart of all the unit’s work, and as a response unit, our priorities and response will continue to evolve.

We will be sharing, updating and communicating regularly with the sector as well as listening and responding, so please feel free to get in touch with thoughts and responses by emailing cru@culturecentral.co.uk