West Midlands Music and night time economy board; Call for Board Members

Deadline extended to Wed 14 April, 12 noon

We are currently seeking a Chair and up to 11 Board Members to be the first members of the West Midlands Music Board.

The board tenure will be for an initial 12 months, to establish and set a work plan for the key strategic priorities and secure resources. After which there will be a further democratic process for re-selecting or recruiting others to the board.


The West Midlands is home to an expansive, robust music ecosystem. From festivals to music educators, record labels to venues, the West Midlands music ecosystem is a significant portion of the UK’s £5bn industry. Its music tourism sector supports over 3,500 jobs. However, like all regions in the UK, the pandemic has significantly impacted the music ecosystem.

There is no central voice to compile data, advocate for the wider sector and work with local authorities, institutions and government to leverage and increase the value of the West Midlands music ecosystem. The West Midlands Music and Night-time Economy Board, facilitated in the first instance by  Culture Central, will provide a single voice to assert the West Midlands music ecosystem and industry, lobby for increased support and conditions to foster economic growth and work hand-in-glove as advisors to the West Midlands to ensure music remains at the forefront of the development, inclusive growth and expansion of the region

The mission of the West Midlands Music and night-time economy  Board is to champion the West Midlands’s music industry and ecosystem, protect and promote music industry development at grassroots level and develop West Midlands’ music data, policies and advocacy.


The Board and requirements for Members

The Board will bring together a range of professionals with proven leadership ability and influence. Members will have complementary skills and expertise and work across a diverse set of genres and disciplines.

Members are required to attend meetings of the Board, which will take place approximately every two months in the first instance.

Members will be asked to take an active role in sub-groups or lead working groups with others from their discipline. The sub-groups may coordinate the delivery of particular programmes or to enable the Board to quickly develop a deep understanding of an issue and develop policy or programme recommendations.

The Board will determine its own programme of work, subject to compliance with the Terms of Reference. Culture Central, will act as its sponsor and secretariat in the first instance. Members will lead on developing the programme of work.

Members are asked to become champions in their own sectors for the work of the Board and for music in the West Midlands. They will be expected to work together to represent the wider sector and not the interests of their own organisations, specialisms or localities. The Board Members can however use their specific knowledge to inform these wider conversations and will find opportunities to advance the mission of the Board via their networks.

Members will be tasked with working across the sector to consult and engage a wide range of stakeholders, policymakers, sector support organisations and representatives of the sector and communicating plans, activity and receiving and respond to feedback.


Recruitment process

To nominate yourself for the board, please send through an expression of interest of no more than 2 pages, or an audio/video file of no more than 5 minutes.

You can also include a CV, website link or Linkedin Profile to support the application.

Please also complete and return this Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form with your expression of interest.

Please make sure you outline

  • Where you are from and the work you do and what music sub-sector you work in or with.
  • What you think you would bring to the board and how your skills could support the board in achieving its mission.
  • What do you feel needs to change in the West Midlands to better support the music industry and ecosystem?
  • What would you propose be done to change it?
  • What you think the board should be achieving in the first 12 months.
  • Please also indicate if you wish to be considered as Chair.

It is vital that the board is truly representative of the West Midlands and the diversity of the Music Sector and want to ensure the board is balanced.

We will therefore apply the following balancing criteria to applications

  • Diversity (including race, gender and other protected characteristics)
  • Geography to ensure different parts of region are represented
  • Different parts of the music industry (e.g. artists, promoters, venues, studios, music education, labels, ticketing agencies)
  • Specialist experience

Selection process and dates

14 April at 12 noon – Deadline date for expressions of interest – please note this is an extension of the original deadline

13 – 26 April – Selection process

26 – 30 April – Independent review of nominated board members

30 April 2021 –  Members confirmed


Please email expressions of interest to info@culturecentral.co.uk

If you have any questions or comments, please send them through and someone will get in touch.


If you feel you have any barriers in applying or require additional support to apply, please email info@culturecentral.co.uk or call 0121 2856466  and someone will get back to you.  (please note, due to working from home the phones are not monitored on a daily basis, but if you leave a message, we will get back to you)