Update on Culture Central Consultation Meetings

Steve Ball was appointed as interim Director of Culture Central in April, and he has spent his first few weeks in the role meeting as many people as possible, to listen to their views about what the organisation’s future should look like.

This has been an invaluable exercise, with over 120 people taking part in a series of individual meetings, a members’ meeting and four open consultation sessions, to which anyone with an interest in Culture Central was invited.

A wide range of opinions were voiced throughout this process, and we heard loud and clear that there is a need and desire for Culture Central to continue. With that in mind, a number of key messages were common to most meetings, namely:

1.     We need to be more transparent and open with our communications.
2.     That we should facilitate projects and discuss with the sector the best way of delivering them.
3.     That we should ensure that individual artists and smaller organisations have their voices heard.

There was also agreement around the four main priorities for the organisation:

1.    Advocating for the Arts and Culture in the city and the city region.
2.    Facilitating networks and conversations.
3.    Promoting the learning agenda.
4.    Brokering and seeking resources for new opportunities.

Steve would like to thank everyone who took the time to take part in the consultation process. He will be circulating a full report to all attendees in due course, and is already working on plans for taking the organisation forward towards an exciting, open and collaborative future. Watch this space for more details soon.