One Year On… Call for Expressions of Interest

The weekend of 20th March will mark a year since the country’s first lockdown. A date on which we never imagined we would still be in the same position in twelve months’ time.

The Northern hemisphere Spring Equinox 2021 occurs on 20th March. It is the time of the Arousing, the quickening of the energy of the earth under our feet. It has been characterized as the ‘thunder in the earth’ when seeds are shocked into germination. A time of the awakening and the return of the Sun gods. The return of flaming torches from the underworld. The reconstitution of what has been broken or disassembled in spiritual and creative blockage. The restoration of creative forces and creative flow with fruitful manifestation.

During the constrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic, the West Midlands creative sector has charted a path of collaborative online and live events for audiences.

To mark one year since direct access to audiences has been disrupted, the Spring Equinox provides an opportunity for cultural realignment, connecting our observations of the cycle of the earth to the current circumstances of our creative endeavours.

We will do this through the creation of 3-5 minute long audio-based artworks, be that spoken word, singing, music, podcast.

This will be work created with and for our communities and audiences, with a focus on nature, spring, outdoors, reflection, restarting and growth.

We are also looking to again discover new partnerships and collaborations, and provide commissioned opportunities for artists during this time.

We are asking organisations and individuals to express their interest in taking part by filling in a quick form.

Two important questions to consider are:

  • Do you wish to collaborate with another artist/organisation?
  • Are you able to offer artists commissions? (£500 recommended minimum)

If you’re interested in being involved, please click here to complete the form>

Deadline for expression of interest is 12th February 2021.