More Than a Moment Business Development Facilitator and Consultant brief


Total Fee: £3000

The More Than a Moment Working Group are looking to contract a business development facilitator and consultant to work with them to:

  • Refine their vision
  • Agree ways of working, roles and responsibilities
  • Determine and clarify strategic objectives and areas of work.
  • Create future-facing outline business model and plan, including structure and income generation models.


More Than a Moment

In June 2020, following the global impact and resonance of the death of George Floyd, and galvanised by Black Lives Matter, a working group of Black artists (at different stages in their careers) and leaders from arts organisations in the West Midlands formed: committing to work together, and support others, to bring about radical and permanent change with and for Black people in the Arts & Culture sector and in society.

Feeling the acute absence of safe spaces for Black creatives to talk openly about lived experiences, to reflect and to heal; and without an existing support network with which to begin this crucial work, Elizabeth Lawal initiated anonymous, radically listening research within the Black Creative Workforce. With the support of Culture Central, the More Than a Moment working group was formed.

The group co-created the West Midlands Arts sector’s response – the Pledge is its promise – to take radical, bold and immediate action, to dismantle the systems that have for too long kept Black artists, creatives and employees from achieving their potential in the arts and cultural industries.

The first five months of this journey towards meaningful change, have been a carefully constructed, compassionate and iterative process.

Over 80 organisations have now signed up to the pledge with other organisations across the UK looking at More Than a Moment as a model of best practice.

Please find the full pledge and background here.

Through the radical listening and subsequent conversations around accountability, the group are looking forward to building the capacity and scope of the More Than a Moment mission by working with an independent Facilitator and consultant to support the development of a future model for the organisation.


The working group:

Have been through a delicate, considered and trust-building process since June 2020 and have agreed a number of key principles and ways of working.

Now the group feel it is important to have an independent, critical friend, facilitator and consultant to guide them through the next steps and be future-ready.

The working group is made up of individuals, some who specifically represent cultural sector organisations and those from the Black Creative Workforce, from the West Midlands. There is a sub-group within the working group, who are a collective started and led by Black creatives. They will be the core group and owners of More Than a Moment.


The role:

  • The Facilitator/Consultant will support the working group to refine their vision, mission and ways of working, including the roles and responsibilities the group would like to take forward.
  • Support the group to agree strategic priorities and core areas of work.
  • Provide advice and consultancy on business models and structure that allows for growth and entrepreneurship and how the new organisation links to the wider Cultural Sector.
  • Ensure the principles agreed by the group are intrinsic to the business model and ways of working.


You will have:

  • Experience in facilitating complex and sensitive conversations
  • Experience of facilitating groups to make clear decisions and determine actions
  • Experience of honing and summarising ideas into tangible actions and plans
  • Experience of consultation on business models and income generation
  • An understanding of the delicate nature of the work
  • Have experience of working with diverse groups and value the lived experience of those in the working group.


Outputs and Outcomes:

  • Clear vision and plan for the future of More than a Moment
  • Proposed business models, including funding opportunities
  • Ways of working, including key roles

To apply, please send your CV and a covering letter outlining your relevant experience and reasons for wanting to deliver the work, as well as an outline plan for how you would approach the brief.

We would welcome the opportunity to have informal conversations if you feel that would be helpful in clarifying anything.

Please send to before 5pm on Friday 7th May 2021.