Examples of Home Grown Talent Working In The Creative & Cultural Industries Needed

Do you know someone from the West Midlands, in their 20s, working successfully in the creative industries from a diverse background, experience or ability? Would they be prepared to feature as a case study to inspire others that “It Is Possible for Me To Be An ….. artist, copywriter, designer, developer, director, engineer, events/venue assistant, marketer, photographer, producer, technician, workshop facilitator, videographer  …..”

Creative Alliance is working with the Birmingham Publicity Association to create a portfolio of case studies to inspire others that it is possible to work, in non-performance roles, in the creative & cultural industries and thereby increase the diversity of the sector’s workforce.

A deliberately very broad view of diversity is being taken. It could be a woman successfully working in a largely male-dominated sub-sector;  someone from a BAME background; someone with a visible or invisible disability; someone with different neuro-linguistics needs such as being on the autism spectrum; someone from a working-class background; someone who is the first from their family and peer group to work in the sector; someone self-taught who has forged a non-traditional route into sustainable work.

If you are, or if you know of someone, that meets the profile of talent we’re looking for and happy to be featured in an online portfolio of successful Home Grown Talent please email Noel Dunne noel@creativealliance.org.uk.