Culture Central – Review of 2020

Culture Central is the collective voice of the cultural sector in the West Midlands.
It convenes, challenges and connects to create opportunities through culture for places and people across the region.

In the last 12 months Culture Central, in partnership with the West Midlands Culture Sector initiated the West Midlands Culture Response Unit (WMCRU), reaching over 120 organisations across the region, working with key stakeholders to ensure the visibility, viability and recovery of the sector.

There is still a long journey ahead for the sector; Culture Central and the work of the WMCRU will continue to build on what we have achieved so far, building on the principles, values to grow and develop practice to support the sector in whatever comes next.

As we move into the next phase, Culture Central will maintain the delivery of the work of the WMCRU, through monthly sector briefings and collaborative activity such as Arty CRU, which initiated the region’s online festivals, such as Midsummer, West Midlands Weekenders, It Gets Lighter From Here and Spring’s Calling – and these will continue to open to all.

You can see a video of our collective achievements from the last year here:

Financial support for 2020

During the pandemic, we suspended our 2020 membership subscriptions in recognition of the challenges the sector has faced – and like the majority of the sector we have utilised our reserves to continue our collective support for the sector over the past twelve months.

As we received no membership income in 2020, we are asking for contributions to support our ongoing costs, if you can afford to do so. If you have valued the work we have done at Culture Central over the past year and are able to make a contribution, your support will help us to sustain our work to ensure our collective growth as a sector.

If you can contribute, please fill in your details here. Thank you.