COVID-19 & the Arts – 23 March Update

Please see below the latest update from our Director Erica Love, issued at 9am on Monday 23 March:

Last week I had a number of conversations with Birmingham City Council, ACE, GBSLEP, and the WMCA also convened a meeting with a number of people to feed into the wider region response, specifically for the cultural sector – as you can imagine, at this point, it is very much about intelligence gathering and feeding that back to policymakers and ensuring that the sector is heard in all of this.

I have a couple of things planned this week to gather some of that and share the information, guidance and signposting work we have started.

Firstly, the treasury are asking for written evidence about the financial measures they have implemented for Covid-19, by 5pm today and I would like to submit a written response, I am sure there will be plenty of people doing similar, but I hope to add our voice to that conversation. (if you have already submitted a response elsewhere, feel free to copy and paste and send it across)

If you are able, can you please send me your response to the below before 2.30pm today (Mon 23 March), so I can collate it and send off.  (all of the specific individual/information will stay confidential).


  1. Has the governments financial package retained jobs in your organisation? If not, why not (Looking for any gaps)
  2. Are you eligible to access the grants and rate-relief package and would it help keep your organisation afloat?
  3. Will you be accessing the business loans available, if not, why not?
  4. How long do you envisage being able to continue on current reserves/income streams?
  5. What is your estimated loss of income?
  6. What is the estimated value of cancelled contracts for freelance and contract staff?
  7. What additional financial support do you need?
  8. General comments


  1. What percentage of your contracts and work been cancelled or postponed?
  2. What is your normal average earnings per month
  3. What is your estimated loss of income
  4. Are you able to access any of the recent support?
  5. What additional financial support do you need?
  6. General comments

Please email your feedback to


Secondly, I will be hosting a meeting on Thursday 26th March 2-4pm,to share ACE’s response and key messages (they are trying to make sure someone is available to join in on the call) as well as any updates on government and other support available. We will also look to discuss the biggest challenges, other opportunities, sharing support and to ask what else you need.

The meeting will be over Zoom – please visit this page for details about how to join the call.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or if there is anything more I can do, please feel free to get in touch.

As always, best wishes

Erica Love
Culture Central