Cultural Sector Fortnightly Open Zoom Calls

The next open Zoom call will be on Fri 2nd October, 10.30am to 12 noon.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we are running regular Zoom calls open to anyone working in the West Midlands Arts & Cultural sector, whether in organisations or freelance/self-employed.

The sessions are designed to share information about the most pressing issues in relation to the current situation, and are open to both Culture Central members and non-members alike.

Instead of our usual agenda, at this special session, Carla Smith and Dr David Mathew from NHS Arden & GEM will lead a session on managing mental health and wellbeing in this ongoing crisis – both for yourself and your teams.

Carla Smith, (NHS Arden & GEM Wellbeing Lead and a Life coach) will introduce how Mental Health may affect wellbeing segments: Financial, Physical, Emotional, Social, Career & Psychological.

Dr David Mathew, (NHS Arden & GEM Learning & Development lead) will offer an in-depth session covering the following topics, with participants encouraged to share experiences, examples or ask questions throughout:

  • Mental Health and Staff Wellbeing
  • Mental Health and Professional Resilience
  • Mental Health and Difficult Conversations
  • Mental Health and Emotional Intelligence
  • Mental Health and Understanding Change
  • Mental Health and Motivation

This session is open to anyone working in the West Midlands Arts & Culture Sector, whether in an organisation, freelance or currently looking for work.


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