Culture, People & Places – What’s Going On?

Tuesday 27 July, 10am to 12.30pm, on Zoom.

Join Culture Central to explore two significant pieces of research for the cultural sector in the West Midlands, and explore what they mean for the recovery of the sector, audience development and the future of culture within the region.

At Culture, People & Places – What’s going on? we will explore two new pieces of research:

West Midlands Cultural Sector Analysis which looks at the economics, infrastructure and broader value of the cultural sector in the region.

Rethinking audience engagement for arts & culture in the West Midlands which explores audiences and engagement with publicly funded culture across the region.

Both pieces of research offer new ways of thinking about the people and places of the West Midlands, and how culture has an impact on their lives.

Come along to this event to:
• Hear about how this research could support the recovery of the sector and develop audiences in the West Midlands
• Understand how the economic, infrastructure and audience research was put together, and how it can help enrich your existing organisational strategy, planning and delivery
• Get hands-on with the place profiler map and identify potential areas of development for your organisation and the region.

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