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To radically transform the West Midlands arts and culture sector. Updated 24th August 2020. Galvanised by Black Lives Matter, there is universal acknowledgement from across the region’s arts and cultural sectors that much work needs to be done to make organisations truly reflective of our communities; in leadership, in governance, in programming and audiences. The
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Alternate Tuesdays 12 noon to 2pm. 6 & 20 October 3 & 17 November Please note that there is no meeting on Tuesday 22 September, but instead, we encourage you to sign up for the free “Holding Arts Events Outdoors webinar“, which is taking place on Wed 23 September. This regular meeting is for anyone
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Next Meeting 14th October 12 noon to 1.30pm. This regular meeting is for anyone interested in the creative narrative and coordination of artistic programme in the mid and long term. The agenda covers topics including: Online showcasing Creative Narrative Regional-local coordination of re-opening artistic activity To RSVP and request the Zoom link, email cru@culturecentral.co.uk with
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We are delighted that the UK Government are providing the arts and culture sector a £1.5bn support package, an investment that will provide much-needed aid to our industry in critical times.   Thank you to the Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Culture Secretary for recognising the vital role that the arts play for the nation.  Thank you also to the voices that have been working hard for the industry, this announcement enforces the power of collaboration and collective
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On 23rd March 2020, along with huge swathes of the country, Covid-19 shut down our cultural life,  having a devastating impact on the national economy, communities and so many talented workers. Despite the gradual relaxation of the lockdown this decision continues to have a disastrous impact on the lives of individuals and organisations working in
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Thousands of arts and culture lovers tuned in online to enjoy Midsummer Festival earlier this month. The free one-day festival celebrating arts and culture in the West Midlands was held on Saturday 20th June, and featured over 12 hours of performances, from 33 companies around the region, including 13 never-before-seen works. Inspired by annual Midsummer
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As part of the Midsummer Festival on Sat 20 June, we are asking for donations to a Freedom Fund for Black Artists in the region.  The fund will be used to respond to Black Artists’ individual self-identified immediate needs. We’re really grateful to MAIA, an artist-led cultural organisation; a platform for creative practice, critical thinking
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Two weeks ago we published a statement acknowledging that the West Midlands region’s arts and cultural sector has a long way to go, to make organisations truly reflective of our communities; in leadership, in governance, programming and audiences. We promised to take the time to listen, hear, educate ourselves, and take action to create sustainable
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West Midlands Culture Response Unit (WMCRU) is today delighted to announce the Midsummer Festival, a free one-day festival celebrating arts and culture in the West Midlands on Saturday 20th June.   Featuring a collection of many West Midlands theatre, dance, music, artists and venues Midsummer Festival will mark the Summer Solstice with a wide range of live, archived and pre-recorded cultural activity available online including performances which have never been
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The next open Zoom call will be on Fri 2nd October, 10.30am to 12 noon. During the Coronavirus pandemic, we are running regular Zoom calls open to anyone working in the West Midlands Arts & Cultural sector, whether in organisations or freelance/self-employed. The sessions are designed to share information about the most pressing issues in