Implementing the More Than A Moment Pledge within Culture Central

An update on Culture Central’s progress in implementing the More Than A Moment pledge within our organisation
June 2022

Culture Central signed up wholeheartedly to the More Than A Moment pledge in October 2020, having been part of the Working Group that worked in partnership with the West Midlands Black Creative Workforce and cultural sector, to co-design this promise for radical and permanent change.

As always, we acknowledge and thank all of the Black Creative Workforce for their time, honesty and emotional labour in contributing to this process.

Since October 2020 we have continued to be part of the MTAM Working Group as its focus turned to supporting organisations to implement the Pledge, and holding the sector accountable to the promises we have all signed up for.

In relation to the work of Culture Central, the More Than A Moment pledge has informed significant progress and change in how we work as an organisation, however we acknowledge that like the rest of the sector we are still on a journey with this work.

The following is a summary of what we have done so far, and how we plan to continue to implement the pledge within our work in the medium and long term.

Leadership and Governance

We have:

· Audited staff/commissioned team to identify underrepresented groups and changed recruitment practices to embed the Rooney Rule for those groups.
· No longer require minimum qualifications for roles, and allow flexible and open applications, providing feedback to unsuccessful applicants.
· Increased representation on the board from the Black Creative workforce.
· Changed HR and Annual leave policies to include an up-to-date EDI policy, and updated our annual leave policy to be more flexible and responsive.

We will:

· Design more sensitive/expansive ways of collecting and measuring monitoring data for those underserved.
· Plan and deliver an Equity and Inclusion away day for board members and staff team.
· Long term Leadership succession strategy.
· Include MTAM on board agenda at every meeting.
· Provide mentoring support to MTAM leadership.


As well as the actions outlined above, we have:

· Adopted a policy of no longer allowing or promoting unpaid internships.
· Continued our Mentoring programme.
· Designed a Sector Development programme supported by Birmingham 2022 Festival specifically targeted at underserved groups, including the Black creative workforce (this will launch in Summer 2022).

We will:

· Undertake an annual audit of monitoring data for applications and commissioned work.
· Update our performance management review process to include 360 feedback for all staff and leadership with a focus on development, learning and progression opportunities.
· Work with MTAM to create database of workforce.
· If successful with our IPSO application, create a leadership programme and workforce mapping.

Organisational Culture

We have:

· Secured £15k funding for MTAM, including organisational development.
· Adopted MTAM language guides, including eradicating the use of BAME and other acronyms in our communications.
· Incorporated equity and opportunity as key organisational principles and priorities for delivery.

We will:

· Undertake further interrogation of language use.
· Offer a development budget for each staff member.
· Plan training and development for CC team that incorporates looking at unconscious biases across intersectional approaches. Including cultural/international perspectives.


We have:

· Shaped our programmes to ensure they are co-created, led by people who are representative of the people and place and build capacity in those spaces.
· Shaped programmes to ensure they target those underserved/excluded from the sector where possible.

We will:

· If our IPSO application is successful, create a specific leadership programme for targeted groups.

Our full action plan will be published here following board approval.